Anti-Harassment & Non-Discrimination
Basic Employment Laws
Effective Communication
Coaching, Counseling & Discipline
Hiring and Firing
Business Conduct, Gratuities and FCPA
Prevention of Retaliation Claims
Performance Management

FMLA/ADA & Workers’ Compensation
Wage & Hour Compliance
Social Media in the Workplace
I-9 Compliance
Covenants Not to Compete
Workplace Bullying Prevention
Conducting Workplace Investigations

The EEOC as well as state and federal courts have recognized the importance of workforce and management training as a best practice to ensure compliance, reduce claims and minimize potential liability. 

Why Choose RoachGannon LLP to Train Your Workforce?

We provide employers with customized, comprehensive and effective employment law training and education. Engaging training participants by presenting information in practical yet thought-provoking ways is critical to successful training. We have developed and delivered specialized training for employers in numerous industries and of various sizes to meet their particular needs and compliance goals. We routinely assist companies in implementing and delivering on-going Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination and Basic Employment Laws training programs. We provide customized training programs addressing a multitude of fair employment practice issues, including such topics as: Effective Performance Management Processes; Hiring and Firing within the Law; Preparing and Delivering Effective Coaching, Counseling & Discipline; Tools for Effective Communication; and Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations. Further, we offer trainings on timely topics such as I-9 Compliance in the ICE Age, Workplace Bullying Prevention and Social Media in the Workplace.

Additionally, clients frequently utilize our firm to provide “remedial measures” training when policy violations are revealed and specialized training is pivotal to the employer’s exercise of reasonable care. Our training programs are customized to address an employer’s specific policies and procedures, areas of deficiencies and/or industry customs. These programs provide employers with the capacity to record and track employee participation as well as the acknowledgement of its policies and procedures. 

Let us be your resource for customized workforce and management training.



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